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Gloria C.
Angela is amazing and so sweet! I was worried about my baby being breech and my doctor was out of town and I couldn’t see him and Angela came over and checked everything out and gave me peace of mind! She is great and you would know instantly you made the right choice as soon as you meet her!

Posted 07/22/2015

Gina C.

Great services! Thank you so much for helping me achieve the home birth I always wanted to have as well as going beyond with postpartum care. We are forever grateful!

Posted 03/25/2015

Tami S. 

A true asset to the birthing families of Las Vegas. An absolute gem. Such knowledge, understanding, professionalism and calm.
Posted 01/27/2015


Ben P.

Angela was exactly what my family needed. She was able to provide her amazing professionalism to my little sisters growing family and their baby boy. She provided clear direction, expertise and education that was needed all the while being loving and caring to the entire family. Angela approached the situation with a holisitc view and looked beyond the immediate needs of the baby to identify the best way to assist the entire family for years to come.

Posted 12/12/2014


Kadee S.

Aila was born into a room filled ONLY with people who cared about her and her comfort. Her first experiences were all of being cuddled and loved. We were not forced to give her up for lab work, we were never asked to separate from her, and we were not made to feel like we could not provide what is best for her. If I had to redo my entire birth, I would not change a thing. Unless I could take away the contractions ;D

Posted Nov 24, 2014


Melissa B.

Angela was absolutely wonderful.  I reached out to her after my Dr. decided to change my birth plan on me.  I originally wanted to have someone on my in the delivery room but after discussing my options and what my dream birth would be ( my first two were c-sections and I desperately wanted a natural birth) I decided to have my son at home with her as my midwife.  She was so supportive and encouraging.  She ended up being my light when things got dark and successfully helped me deliver my little boy safely at my home.  When I was exhausted and didn’t think I could go any further she reminded me I could.  She was invaluable and my experience means more than words could ever express.

It was a 28 hour labor and she was patient, supportive when needed and blended into the background when needed to allow room for my family.  Her patience even persisted when I started yelling at her to pull the baby out.

If we are still in the Las Vegas area when we decide to have another I will definitely want her there.

Posted 9/13/2014

 Michelle P.

Angela was a blessing during the labour of my second child. Contractions began unexpectedly at five minutes apart. The stress of being the sole caretaker to a toddler that sensed today was unusual and bravely attempted to take herself potty alone (and failed), and having to bathe her during this time drove contractions up quickly to only two minutes apart. Without Angela on the phone long-distance to help guide me and be my focus, I don’t know what I would have done. She held me together as family rushed home to take over my eldest’s care, and stayed with me over the phone, continuing to be my rock. I would trust my baby in noone else’s hands but hers.

Posted 9/15/2014

Daniel C.

Best Customer Service and Professionalism imaginable!!! Thank you!!! Wish the whole world was like you !!!

Posted 6/24/2014

Dear B.

We hired Angela Morris as our doula and she saw us through our first labor and delivery.  She’s superbly knowledgeable in her craft and also has midwife skills.  She provides us with great advice so that we were prepared when we finally went in to the hospital at about 5cm dilated.

If you are debating as to whether to hire a doula, whether it’s worth it, I would definitely say yes.  It will increase your chances of having a good experience especially if it’s your first time or if your last delivery did not go the best way.

Annie stayed with us for more than 24 hours through the beginning to end of serious labor.  It lasted far longer than we had expected and Annie was there to support the whole time and provide us advice at critical moments when we had to make certain decisions on the basis of little to no information.  At the end of it all, we delivered a 9lb beautiful baby with no C-section.  We would use Annie again for our next child without hesitation.

Lastly, she provides both pre and post partum services and will conduct several home visits in advance to prepare the mom and husband.

Posted 4/25/2014

Vanessa J.

Angela Morris assisted in my homebirth while apprenticing to be a midwife. She was such a great support for me so much that she took a couple bites from me while in labor! She was the calm serene voice helping me see the light at the end of the tunnel. I was very happy to have had her at my birth.:) she is awesome !and I would recomend her to anyone:)

Posted 4/13/2014

Denise J.

With Annie’s help, I was able to confidently have the natural child birth I wanted to.  Her encouragement helped ease away fears and concerns making childbirth what it is meant to be, an exciting blessed event in a families life.

Posted 11/8/2013