Annie Hill is the Director of Bright Blessings Birth Services, Certified Doula, Doula Trainer, Monitrice, Traditional Midwife (not practicing in Illinois), Childbirth Educator, Lactation Educator and Placenta Specialist.

Annie’s certifications include:
* Certified Doula (Madriella)
* Certified Postpartum Doula (Madriella)
* Certified Childbirth Educator (Madriella)
* Certified Lactation Educator (Madriella)
* Certified Placenta Specialist (Madriella)
* Certified Birth and Bereavement Doula (Stillbirthday)
* Peanut Ball Ambassador (Premier Birth Tools)
* Certified Herbalist (in process)
* Naturopathic Physician (in process)
* Peanut Ball Trainer (In process with Premier Birth Tools)

Area of practice: Metro St. Louis Region – O’Fallon Mo to Mt. Vernon Il.
Travel Range: 100 Miles as a Doula, Internationally as a Doula instructor
Travel comments/restrictions: Price will reflect distance traveling

Long before the term Newborn Care Specialist, or Birth or Postpartum Doula was even a used term, Annie was serving families and specializing in assisting in the maternal recovery of mothers with newborn twins. Her experience serving families reaches back to the mid-1980’s.

In the 1990’s she was actively working in the New York/Connecticut/New Jersey area as Doula and Interim Nanny/Newborn Care (Infant Twins) support before she became the Nanny Manager for All-Metro Healthcare in their Fort Lee NJ office until it’s closure.

In this role, she not only organized and managed the Birth Support and Postpartum Support / Nannies there in their office but actively and routinely was dispatched to be emergency childcare to families within a 50 to 100 mile radius for back up baby care in the event of a caregiver cancellation or illness.   Support of new families in multiple capacities has been a calling to Annie since she was a young teen, and it carries on now that she’s a grandmother.

While she’s been supporting families since the mid-1980’s, Annie has been a Birth Doula since 2006. Annie certified with Madriella in 2010 and she has been the Senior Member of the Madriella Advisory Board, and the Senior Instructor for Madriella’s Hands-on Workshops, since the board and workshop’s inception.

An Authorized Workshop Provider (AWP) for Madriella Doula workshops, Annie also was a home-birth Midwife in Nevada before she moved to Illinois in the fall of 2016, Annie is the head of her primary certifying organizations’ Advisory board (since 2014), and in 2016 became the curriculum coordinator for Madriella Doula Network while serving as the primary instructor for online courses.

She is the mother of 5 children and highly educated in the physiology of birth.  While previously tribally licensed in Nevada, her Traditional Tribal License will not cover her as a Midwife in Illinois for two reasons.
1. The Shoshone & Paiute tribes are recognized as sovereign nations, limiting their licensing reach and reciprocity. Illinois won’t recognize that.
2. Unless you are a Nurse Midwife (Certified) and backed by an Obstetrician, you are not legally able to attend a birth in Illinois without swift penalties. As the mother of a pre-teen and young teen still at home she has made the hard choice to not catch locally. Sorry, Illinois Mom’s – but she is incredibly educated pregnancy and new mother support.

Bright Blessings Birth Services (through Annie’s work) enjoys a very good relationship with the local hospitals and providers spanning from the west side of St Louis, all throughout the entirety of Southern Illinois. If Heartland OB/Gyn covers it in Illinois, there’s a good chance you will find a Bright Blessings Birth Services Doula there thanks to her efforts… That close relations with providers isn’t restricted to just Heartland, as BBBS Doulas cover All Mercy, HSHS, SSM, & BJC hospitals.

Madriella has an international reach, and as the senior instructor for the Madriella Doula Network Annie has upwards to 200 online students she mentors worldwide.

A Professional Member of Doulas of Greater St. Louis, and the American Pregnancy Association, she loves helping women in whatever capacity they need – whether as Doula, Educator or Placenta Encapsulator, and is accepting bookings for Doula Clients, placenta encapsulation, and training for Madriella.

Annie has personal experience in spousal/partner loss, as well as pregnancy loss (inspiring her to be cross-certified with SBD), and has worked with and supported families in that difficult situation during their pregnancy.

Whether you are looking for hands-on training as a Doula, or looking for a professional to support your family – Annie Hill has the years of experience and compassion gained during those same years to help you along your path.