Annie Hill picking up a Placenta at Mercy Hospital in St. LouisAnnie Hill

Annie is a:
• Certified Doula (Madriella)
• Postpartum Doula (Madriella)
• Certified Bereavement Doula (Stillbirthday & Madriella)
• Monitrice (apprentice midwife training)
• Certified Childbirth Educator (Madriella)
• Direct Entry Midwife (formerly Tribally Licensed in Nevada, not serving in Illinois in this capacity)
• Certified Lactation Educator (Madriella)
• Certified Placenta Encapsulation Specialist.  (Madriella)
Annie primarily serves families from the Metro East side of StL, South Central, and SouthWestern Illinois regions.


Candice Ullery

Candice is a:
• Birth Doula
• Postpartum Doula
• Loss Doula (in training)
• Childbirth Educator
• Lactation Mentor

Candice primarily serves South Central and SouthWestern Illinois regions.


Steffanie Thomas
 Steffanie is a DONA and Madriella Hands-On Workshop Trained Doula.
She has the following Certifications:
• Rebozo Certification (Gena Kirby)
• Calm Birth Educator

Jessica Sbeok
  Jessica is a:
• certified birth doula (Madriella)
• placenta encapsulation specialist
• bereavement doula


Tiffany Muniz
 Tiffany is an
• Madriella Hands-On Workshop Trained Doula

Nicole Dmitrasz


Nicole is a:
• DONA Trained Birth Doula
• Monitrice
• Childbirth Educator
• Student Midwife
• Lactation Mentor
• Placenta Encapsulator
Nicole primarily serves The Metro StL and SouthWestern Il regions.