Birth Doula Services:
• 1 prenatal visit to discuss the client’s desires and possible childbirth preparation.
• 1 prenatal visit at your OB’s with you.
• 2 prenatal visits to engage in pre-birth exercises and to discuss any unresolved questions or concerns before delivery.
• Phone and email support as needed during pregnancy and immediate postpartum period.
• Emotional and physical support during labor and birth.
• Patient self-advocacy during labor and birth. Helping the client know when there is a need to speak up in order for preferences to be respected by the hospital staff.
• A postpartum visit sometime between two days and one month after delivery. This is a time to ask any questions the client may have regarding the baby and lactation, to review the birth and to give our feedback regarding the doula’s role.
Fee: $1,025.00 non-insured fee


Add-ons you can choose for $250.00 (non-insured cost) each!

• Placenta Encapsulation – Dehydrated and ground Berry flavored/colored capsules.
• A 3 class private childbirth class in your home/or online with a professional curriculum.

An often unused form of paying for your Doula is your HSA or FSA.  What better way to use the money you’ve put into these accounts but towards helping decrease the risk of a Cesarean section surgery. We are working with many insurance companies, and each is different in what they cover. We are willing to answer what questions we can. 🙂