So what is the word Doula actually mean and what do they do at birth?
The word, “doula,” is a Greek word referring to a woman who has experience in the process of childbirth who provides continuous physical and emotional support for a woman before, during and after childbirth.

A Doula provides alternative non-medical measures that have been studied and proven to help women have easier pregnancies, births and recover quicker during their postpartum period, that are often covered by HSA and FSA accounts.

Whether you are looking for a support during pregnancy, birth or postpartum, Bright Blessings Birth Services has you covered.

Hiring a Doula alone can not keep you from a Cesarean. If your goal is a vaginal birth it is strongly suggested you take a childbirth education course, even though you may already have a child or children. Knowing what your options are during birth and what the current ACOG standings are, while being well prepared makes a huge difference in the birth of your baby and under what conditions it is achieved. We work with you to make sure you have the optimal experience for what your circumstances are.

Having a Doula :
* Reduces the incidence of c-sections
* Reduces the risk of preterm labor by 22%!
* May shorten the length of labor
* Reduces epidural and analgesic requests
* Increases breastfeeding initiation and continuation
* Increases mother’s satisfaction of birth experience
* Can reduce the incidence of postpartum mood disorders
* Increases new parents’ confidence in the care of their newborn

Why Choose A Doula?

A Doula makes a difference in a world where funding for maternal care has been cut, leaving hospitals understaffed.
A Doula makes a difference if you are in a very rural location and support your facility can’t provide.
A Doula makes a direct difference to the families she serves, and the generations after.

Your baby only gets one shot at his or her very first breath

A Doula is there for those taking theirs, and the parents who experience their birth.
A Doula is independent of the system and responsible to the family first, not the hospital, nor staff.
A Doula provides whatever non-medical assistance the mother needs, and is trained in identifying signs of difficulty and infection in order to educate the mother on these things so the mother can be a better self-advocate.

While at home or at the hospital, if you want an ice pack, or a heated sock, a fresh hot blanket out of the warmer down the hall… you got it, your Doula will get it. If you want help with position changes to be more comfortable, a Doula will help there, if you need more information to make a decision on something impacting your pregnancy and delivery – your Doula will help with finding that so you can make an informed decision…

A Doula does all that AND more.

Do you need someone to help after the baby is born, to teach you baby care in home and help you as you recover?
A Doula does that.

Do you need someone to come to a medical procedure with you – whether related to pregnancy or not? A Doula does that.

A Doula may also be a Childbirth Educator.
A Doula may also be a Lactation Educator.
A Doula may also be a Placenta Encapsulator.
A Doula may also be a Newborn Care Specialist.
A Doula may also be a Stillbirth trained support person.
A Doula may also be a hand to when you’ve lost your spouse, but discover you are pregnant.
A Doula may also be a person you turn to when your family member is dying…

A Doula may be many different things… but most of all, a Doula is there for you, with the support you need as you go through any transition in life.