Encapsulation Service includes:

  • * Pick-up of the placenta(s) to be encapsulated, tinctured or made into chocolates.  (72 hour or less turnaround!)
  • * The full placenta preparation and encapsulation or chocolate making process.
  • * A proper storage container of the completed placenta pills, tinctures or chocolates.
  • * Written instructions for proper storage and handling of the finished placenta pills or chocolates
  • * Suggestions for ingestion amounts.
  • * Delivery of the finished placenta pills to the client at the agreed upon location by both parties, or to be picked up from Annie Hill by the client at the date and location agreed upon by both parties.

Gel Cap / Vegetarian capsules encapsulation $225.00
Berry Flavored / Colored Capsules $250.00

While the science of placentaphagy is still in study and subject of debate, the early studies do show that there is no harm in consumption of a placenta from a healthy pregnancy.

Curious about the benefits? We’re compiling stories of mothers who’ve had positive experiences with encapsulating their placentas.  Would you like to share your story? Drop an email to: Annie Hill