Liberty Grant, the owner of Earthside Benkung shared this on her facebook on Nov 23, 2016 – shared with her permission.

“For the past 3 days I have been eating placenta pills that I made from the twins placentas. Edward was going to do the whole processing of it for me but ended up being a bit freaked by the process, so I did it myself. I consumed the placenta after Liams birth, but I paid someone else to process it for me and never had to look at it.

This time after cleaning, steaming, cutting it into strips and dehydrating – i didnt really want anything to do with it. I had to think about it throughout the whole process and I was a bit weirded our myself.

After literally carrying around my body like it was a sack, wailing crying, hiding, major depression with sobbing fits and leaving my babies to cry at times because I was so overwhelmed – i reached out to a few friends.

One of them just about screamed at me for not taking the placenta pills even though I had them. She said, get it in your system – however you can. After processing it, I had forgot it’s purpose really.

I am so thankful I listened to her and started using them. I’ve been taking 4 pills a day for the past few days and I feel like a completely different person. We have been laughing and enjoying life. I haven’t felt heavy at all. I almost cried yesterday- well there were like 3 tears – but I was able to walk away and get myself together realizing that the situation had nothing to do with me. Life doesn’t feel foggy. I have energy. My milk production is up. I’ve been bonding and cuddling with babies. Best of all – i dont feel like walking away. Edward doesn’t feel like walking away. Feelings are liars – and we never would. It’s just really freaking nice to not feel that way and to be able to cuddle up to these babies and children with no hard feelings, resentments, or depression.

I seriously was spiraling and cant explain how it felt to be depleted in so many ways after having the twins. The placenta pills are giving me some of those hormones back and with it comes energy, my sense of humor, the romance of having sweet babies to nestle up to and the beauty that comes with being in it together with such a loving man. I really think that the placenta pills are helping me prevent any postpartum depression that my body may have started to resort to. I am happy and loving and very thankful for these beautiful babies, a beautiful toddler and a house full of loving family.”