Placenta Encapsulation!

As many moms across the country are encapsulating their placentas, Bright Blessings Birth Services is delighted to offer Placenta Encapsulation service to the families we serve in the Greater St. Louis and Southern Illinois region.  Even more, we’re delighted to find our rates for service are comparable to those across the rest of the US.

Yesterday’s news segment about encapsulation in Texas inspired today’s post.  Thank you to DFW Placentas for your wisdom, and ability to speak calmly and authoritatively to this subject.  (link to full article here)

Placenta Encapsulation from Bright Blessings Birth Services is a simple and rapid process, with pickup often within an hour of the delivery and a promised return of fewer than 72 hours, but an average delivery rate of 24 hours.

Placenta Encapsulation: dehydrated and encapsulated placenta in capsules the size of a tylenol.Some tips if you are planning on encapsulating your placenta:

* Talk to your care provider early on about your plans for Placenta Encapsulation.  Most of the providers we work with here in St. Clair County and in St. Louis are very friendly to it, both in homebirth and hospital situations.

* Are you giving birth in a hospital?  It is imperative you let the staff working with you know you will be encapsulating your placenta or else they may follow their normal protocols for placental disposal.

* Talk to your encapsulator to make sure what their personal protocols are as it’s important you follow food safety protocols, or your placenta won’t be safe to encapsulate.

* Your placenta legally belongs to you.  Be prepared that if your facility does not release your bodily part to you, that you may have to obtain a court order to get it released.  For many mothers, the fight is worth it to receive the benefits of ingesting your placenta.

* When you are admitted to the hospital or during early admission, if you are asked to sign a document or section of your consent forms regarding the hospital’s handling of the afterbirth, you may write “I do not consent” on the form.

* In order to facilitate your baby getting its full blood volume and for the placenta to be naturally drained of fetal blood, insist on delayed cord clamping as long as there is no emergency situation. To learn more of why your full blood volume is so important we recommend this video by ‘world expert’ on Neonatal Circulation – NRP instructor Karen Strange.

* Please contact your encapsulator shortly after the birth – ideally, the fresh placenta preparation process should be started within hours of pick up.  The most important part is that it is not spoiled, refrigeration is essential.

* If freezing your placenta, please be sure to use two single-gallon sized freezer bags, with the placenta being double bagged.  Bag the contents in the first but do not entirely close the bag, submerge to the seal point in a large bowl of water to remove air from the bag, then seal.  Take this first bag and then bag it in a second bag, freezing immediately after birth.  Obviously, the person who just gave birth to the placenta can’t do this, so it is important to assign this task to someone trustworthy to understand the importance.

* We recommend the same protocol to make your placenta safe for transport to your encapsulation location, whether it’s your home or your encapsulator’s location.  In a pinch ask for a clean emesis basin, and fill it in the bathroom sink, do not expose the placenta to this water directly, however, this is just a method to quickly remove all air from the first bag. Bag the first bag within the second, then promptly place the double bagged placenta on ice and call your encapsulator for pickup!

Annie Hill picking up a Placenta at Mercy Hospital in St. LouisYour encapsulator should be able to pick up your placenta promptly or make arrangements for its transport via courier from the hospital or wherever your place of birth is.  At left is our director, Annie Hill, at Mercy Hospital in St Louis, on a pick up run – less than an hour after being notified that the family was ready for pick up just a couple weeks ago.

We look forward to working with you and supporting your birth, whether with doula services, doula services with encapsulation or just encapsulation.  The team at Bright Blessings Birth Services is growing and we are happy to be meeting the needs of our surrounding area.


    1. Not at all – quite doable, but better done by a professional as there is a lot of safety to know and practice.

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