Bright Blessings named to St. Louis top Ten Doulas list!

Annie Hill, April 11, 2017

It’s a priority of mine to check my Bright Blessings email frequently – and as it goes to my cell phone too, tonight I heard a ping and decided to just look on the laptop even though it was closing in on 10 pm and I have a full day tomorrow.  Having just kicked off a very targeted Google Advertising campaign, I have been anxiously hoping to see traffic off it – after all, with the volume of pending births in my back yard (seriously – Scott Airforce Base has a baby boom going on – see the Belleville News-Democrat for details) and my decision to go forward with a referral agency model of business, I expect to see some sort of contact in my email box.

Never could I have imagined this – (see the image there at the right…)

I closed my Midwifery practice in Northeast Nevada in October, and with the New Year considered how I would operate here.  With clients signing me within less than a month of moving to the St. Louis area, I was busy from the start, and I am thankful and humbled by their trust.  Presently I am taking a brief hiatus (a few weeks only really) from attending births as a Doula as I had my knee operated on for a torn meniscus – an injury related to – you guessed it, birth work… and am in the process of rehabbing it before I attend a birth in May… followed by June and July’s births.

I was stunned and ever so honored to make this list!

So what does this lead to?  Well, likely of course more families calling me – which is fantastic! It also means that I am moving forward with my goal of taking Bright Blessings Birth Services into an Agency model to continue serving families and retain that honor and designation as one of St Louis’ top ten Doulas!

Despite my Midwifery background and training I am focusing on Doula work, Childbirth Education, Lactation Education and of course Placenta Encapsulation. Birth work is my ONLY focus – I don’t hold an outside job beyond what I am featured for by Expertise, so I am available for Bright Blessings’ clients.

Currently, I’m in the process of bringing in qualified Doulas who have a high level of experience and education in the physiology of birth.  If you are interested in joining the team – contact me at – I can only see the brightest of blessings in our future!

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